Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning
Servicore Clean Carpet Cleaning and Care is here to help you win the struggle of dirty and stained carpets. Our technicians and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensure that we will get all that ground-in dirt and dust out of your carpets so when you get home after a busy day, you can put your feet up, and enjoy a relaxing evening in your clean home.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

Your Servicore Clean technician will thoroughly inspect your carpets upon arrival to your location and confirm the areas to be steamed cleaned and price.  We will start the standard carpet cleaning process which includes:

·         Steam 220 Degree+     ·         /ph stabilizer ·       Shampoo   ·         deodorizer

We use "Hot Water Extraction" 220+ degree temperature, which kills germs as our method of "carpet cleaning".  Hot water extraction is the most thorough cleaning process available and the most recommended by the major carpet manufactures warranty to strengthen carpet fibers.  Upon completion of carpet cleaning, you the customer will be ask by our technician to verify the completed area cleaned.

Recommended & Additional Services
Carpets with additional soiled areas will need our Pre-Spay applied to help break up dirt deep within.  Our pre-spray is a Mild Citrus Solution the Servicore Clean technician will apply to all reachable soiled areas. And “YES” our pre-spray is "Pet and Child Safe".

Pet Treatment:
Pet Urine is mostly ammonia, which is a weak form of bleach and contains bacteria.  If left alone in the right conditions, pet urine can multiply and cause severe problems, especially to asthmatic or immune compromised individuals. We cannot guarantee the complete removal of the stain itself as it depends on such factors as length of time in carpet, other chemicals applied and even the type of food the pet eats. In purchasing the anti-bacteriant treatment, we are neutralizing the existing bacteria so it does not spread and become more prevalent by using an EPA registered sanitizer. In most cases, we should be able to remove Urine stains if it is at an early applied stage.

Dye Stains:

"Red Dye and Pigments"
such as Kool-Aid™, Gatorade™, Red wine, cherry, red pet food or other fruit juice spills on carpet need to be blotted up immediately before they soak into the carpet.  These and other items actually dye the nylon or wool fibers within the carpet. Other carpet cleaners may tell you that these stains are permanent. However, we can remove more that 80% of these red stains. The remaining part of the spot will have to be chemically removed but, can be done. 


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